Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Arguments over the legalization of marijuana have not abated. Below, you will find points of discussion for or against marijuana legalization, to help you become more informed about the subject.

There have been people who have been pro and people who have been against the legalization of marijuana for the past years. One of the public figures that are for the legalization of marijuana is California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He points out that there would be enormous tax revenue that can be collected from legalizing marijuana.

Marijuana, which is the preparation of the plant called cannabis, is intended to be used as a psychoactive drug for humans. There have been many different organizations pushing for the legalization of marijuana. As such, a lot of these organizations advocate that marijuana has more medical advantages than medical hazards. However, some believe that marijuana actually has lasting damaging effects on both brain and body.

Here are some of the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.

Pros/Points for the legalization of marijuana

  1. Marijuana, if taken in moderate quantities and frequency, is actually not different from tobacco or alcohol and is no more harmful than these.

As we all know, tobacco and alcohol are both legal in the U.S., and widely used at that. As such, marijuana can and should be treated the same way as alcohol and tobacco are treated.

  1. Marijuana helps by having benefits in relation to some diseases such as cancer, AIDS and glaucoma. It also helps patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. Marijuana can be legalized, at least for medicinal purposes.
  2. If marijuana is legalized, the need for indulging in criminal behavior due to the illegal selling and buying of marijuana will end. Drug mafias can therefore be rendered insignificant as well since marijuana will no longer be sold by them but by legal institutions.
  3. Since marijuana is already one of the most popular agricultural products in the U.S., legalizing it would also mean that the annual marijuana sales in the state may potentially amount to 14 billion dollars. Tax revenues that can be received from legalizing marijuana could exceed a billion dollars, and that’s just in California. If it is legalized in the U.S., it would be worth a lot more than that.

Cons/Points against the legalization of marijuana

  1. Because marijuana is considered a drug, many Americans have the perception that the use of drugs is morally wrong and the act of legalizing the use of intoxicating substances would be against the codes of their religion. Legalizing marijuana would equate to legalizing something immoral.
  2. Marijuana is seen as a stepping-stone drug. This means that taking marijuana can eventually lead to addiction to other more harmful drugs such as heroin, cocaine and others.
  3. Secondhand smoke from the use of marijuana is harmful since passive smoking is hazardous. Legalizing marijuana would increase the chances of other people suffering the damage it causes by inhaling its smoke.
  4. If marijuana is legalized, the people previously involved in the illegal trade of marijuana would be involved in other crimes even bigger than selling or trading marijuana. Since they would no longer acquire money from selling marijuana if it is legalized, they would find other ways to make money.